Agora Community Trust

Agora is owned and operated by Agora Community Trust and we have a passion for our local community. As a social enterprise we exist to serve our local community through hospitality, community collaboration, business and by celebrating the diversity amongst us.


Agora was established by the community of City Bible Church (CBC) in 2008 as an expression of their faith in Jesus. Together Agora and CBC share the facilities at 13b Kent St, Hamilton. It provides an opportunity to offer warm hospitality and compassion to people in need while being a significant supporter and contributor to the local community. We believe Agora is a safe place for people come visit and belong.

Community and Charity:

Many community and corporate groups are served by Agora Community Trust through the hospitality of Agora Events and Agora Catering. The profits of CafĂ© Agora are placed back into the local community through our "50 cents a cup"  program. In November 2018 Agora celebrated 10 years of business charity and community and o far $134,191 being given back to the local community. In 2019 our 50 cents a cup program is changing slightly and the new initiatives will be launched in mid 2019.

International connection:

Agora also continues to support Rahab Ministries Thailand as they seek to rescue, restore and re-train those caught up in the sex trade in Bangkok and our friends at Hill Tribe Hope who help to provide water, sanitation, irrigation, health and education to two villages in northern Thailand. We do this by partnering with La Mai coffee and with all the profits from the sale of take-home bags (available for purchase in store), and our Tips for Thailand box going to Rahab. Our green bean coffee purchases from Bright Hope World in Christchurch (they buy dierct from Thailand) also supports these rural Thai farmers.

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Our Values

Community - We are not made to be alone, we seek to create a space and place for people to do life together.

Compassion - Without action compassion is just pity, we recognise we need to act when we are deeply moved to help those in need.

Excellence - We will always bring out best, excellence honours God and inspires people.

Creativity - Creativity is to be celebrated, we encourage gifts of creativity, innovation and imagination to be used and exhibited.


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