What is Agora

In ancient Greece, the Agora was the central gathering point of the city. At its heart was a noisy and colourful market giving opportunity not only to trade, but also to catch up with family and friends. As people gathered in the Agora they would often discuss politics, religion and life. The Agora was also a place for community forums and celebrations. Children were welcome to come and play in this urban hub of activity. It was the place where community began.

Agora Community Trust

Café Agora and Agora Events are owned and operated by Agora Community Trust.  Agora was established by the community of City Bible Church in 2008 as an expression of their faith in Jesus.  It provided the opportunity to extend compassion to people in need while being a significant contributor to their local community.  In the words of Jesus it’s a way to “love your neighbour as you love yourself”.

Agora currently enjoys partnerships with streetWORKS, Refugee Services, Incedo, FreeFM, Rahab Ministries, La Mai Coffee and Bright Hope World. 

Many other community and corporate groups areserved by Agora Community Trust through the hospitality of Agora Events.
The profits of Café Agora are placed back into the local community through our "50 cents a cup" which is donated to the local Charity of the Month.

Cafe Agora

Located in the heart of Frankton, Café Agora provides a unique environment in which to do life … whether catching up with friends, networking with business associates, or relaxing over a smooth latte. And yes, there’s even a space for the children to come and play.

What matters most ...

A place where people can connect and do life...
     we value COMMUNITY.
Deeply moved to serve those who are in need...
     we value COMPASSION.
Striving to give our very best in all we do...
     we value EXCELLENCE.
Providing a canvas and stage for artistic expression...
     we value CREATIVITY.

With any purchase, enjoy our FREE wifi service. Ask staff for more info